Screen printing

Textile print can be printed directly or by making transfers which can be fixed on the product with the help of the heat.

We are using only ecological and high quality water colors and assistant means of production for textile printing. Textile print can be printed with direct and transfer printing automatic machines of 6 colors or can be printed with manual machines of 8 colors.

We provide textile print on various clothes collections, advertising T-shirts and other different types of textile products.

There are a lot of decisions how to make around artwork, screen meshes and tensions, but main choice is what ink to use – water based, discharge, flock, expanding, gloss, glitter, etc..


A flock print has a velvety, fuzzy surface. The foil (0.5 mm-1.0mm) is somewhat thicker than flex, which causes the design to appear slightly elevated from the apparel and results in the plush feel.

Flock can be combined with textile print to get a lot of various effects. Mostly we are using flock in production of emblems, stripes and epaulets.